Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oxfam 48hr Ad Contest - Chinese Takeout Films - Climate Change: the RPG

While I was blissfully enjoying a glorious walk through San Francisco this past weekend, my friend's roommate was furiously working to finish this video. 48 hours wasn't enough of a challenge for Chinese Takeout Films; they did it in 24 hours straight, from concept to finished product. Impressive, and for a good cause: Climate Change: the RPG was made for The Cannes Young Lions Oxfam 48 Hour Video Challenge, it's purpose is to entertain and raise awareness about climate change. Half of the criteria for winning is a combination of video views and votes via the Cannes Lions site (search for chinesetakeoutfilms), so click through after you watch and watch it again. And CTRL+SHIFT+R often!

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