Saturday, October 15, 2005

the hits, they just keep coming

I just got some good news. It's inspired me to do a bit of a catch-up edition today, so bear with me.

First, the really important stuff. Here are some more albums up for consideration for 2005's top honors:

Purchased (I tracked down a few more around the apartment, too.)
38. Danger Doom - The Mouse & The Mask
39. Yesterday's New Quintet - Sound Directions
40. Andrew Bird - & The Mysterious Production of Eggs
41. Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene
42. Karate - In The Fishtank
43. Little Barrie - We Are Little Barrie
44. Constantines - Tournament of Hearts

Looking Forward To
45. Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary (still!)
46. Deerhoof - The Runners Four
47. Jason Forrest - Shamelessly Exciting
48. Kanye West - Late Registration (fading fast, though)
49. Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures
50. Castanets - First Light's Freeze
51. Animal Collective - Feels (opened a copy and listened early at work last's reallly good!)

Now, after that big, juicy, sloppy kiss of good music, here's a nice warm hug of financial love: Last night it rained. Thankfully, it wasn't raining while I was riding between work and bustops and home, but it gave pretty good for a while before I left work. A miracle, in Tucson terms. A nice, refreshing, cleansing farewell to summer. And finally! Days that stay below 90; breezes that don't scorch delicate lung tissue--hope for long sleeves. It's wonderful and all, but it's wonderful all over my mail.

So I get home to find a soaked letter in the usual spot. It's from Sallie Mae and thick. It looks important enough, so I peeled the envelope away and carefully separated the five pages. They dried in the shower overnight, and today I read 'em.

Lemme just say here how much happier my life is now that I've started reading financial information people find important enough to mail to my house. I didn't do that for a long time, and I was miserable as a result. Being financially responsible sucks ass according to the music addiction gremlin that has taken half my brain up as residence and wants to blow $400 on music every Tuesday, but he doesn't really know what's good for him. He just wants shiny jewel cases and cool liner notes and lots of good music.

Anyway, Sallie Mae sent me a letter to let me know that they've purchased my student loan debt from the regional lending service that's owned it since time out of mind. I just finished getting the payment details set up with the previous company, and have been stressing lately about the large monthly payments. But Sallie Mae says I don't have to start paying until halfway through next year!!! Also, they only want half of what the old guys wanted per month!

Call me dumn for putting it off, but if I can halve my student loan payment each month after not paying it for a year, I'll be extremely happy. Spread that debt out! Let the infinity of time bear the brunt of my poverty. [Pretty sure this is the gremlin talking, but whatever--more CDs!!!]

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