Thursday, October 02, 2008


Cue the one-note bugle, I've got a third post inspired by Harpo's hilarious face. My pal Nico wonders whatever happened to caricaturing Hollywood, especially compared to the glory days as represented by the animations Hollywood Steps Out,

Book Revue,

and a few others.

Nico rightly points out that these animations are the cream of the caricature crop, then goes on in lament,
Why doesn't anyone do this anymore? Is the world a more sensitive place? Or would something like this not even work with today's celebs? Are today's stars simply not as interesting, entertaining, or defined as those of 1930s and 1940s Hollywood? Did the stars of yesteryear simply have more of a core to them, every star having something unique about them that separated them from every other star?
I don't know what kind of trash he's watching, but I still manage to catch Celebrity Death Match every once in a while. Today's "classy" Hollywood, the Gwenyth Paltrows, George Clooneys, etc. have sloughed off the trend and allowed the constantly shifting youth pop culture and the long vicious political pundits to pick up the slack. Whether it's because they're paying their agents more or because reality television has widened the scope (and exposure) of celebrity or due to the homogenizing of haute Hollywood I just can't say.

Nico did a caricature of me once upon a long ago and it lived on the fridge for a long time. If I find it I'll scan it in. I think it's under the fridge. Maybe.

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Nico said...

Thanks for the plug mister! i had no idea you had this blog.

I live in Burbank now. We should hang out, dingleberry!